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Culture Code Champions - 7 Steps

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What Is Your Current Culture Costing You?

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  • Take the Culture Code Champions Assessment from Win-Win Culture Architect, Bill Higgs

    When is the last time you slowed down and took stock of your current culture? If it’s been longer than six months, it’s time to press pause and take a long look at your company culture.

    The Culture Code Champions Assessment is designed to give CEOs and HR executives clear and actionable insight into the state of their company culture (or lack thereof), what it’s costing their business, and definitive steps towards improvement. The days of “office perks-as-culture” are over if you want your business to compete at the highest levels, attract top talent, and become a real Culture Code Champion. Because the reality is, true company culture was always about so much more than catchy slogans, bright lights, nap pods, and ping-pong tables.

    With help from Bill Higgs, leaders are given a 7-step blueprint that guides the way towards building a win-win company culture with cross-departmental buy-in that has a tangible impact on your bottom line.

    Let’s get started!

Culture Cost Calculator

Boost Your Bottom Line!

Discover how much an efficient company culture can save your business

One of the most damaging struggles any business faces is turnover. Losing talent is costly, inefficient, and time consuming. It’s also avoidable if you’re committed to implementing a win-win company culture. 

Calculated based on controlled national averages for salary by position, turnover rate, onboarding costs, and production inefficiency at every level of your business, Bill Higgs’ Culture Cost Calculator allows HR executives to discover the profound savings waiting for them with a more efficient company culture. Seeing the quantitative impact Culture Code Champion best practices can have on your bottom line should make improving company culture an urgent priority for any HR leader, so don’t delay!



The Culture Cost Calculator is simple! All you have to do is input the number of employees at every level of your business, from top leadership down to entry level. 

From there, the calculator assigns average salaries, turnover rates, production inefficiency, and costs to hire new talent for every position to reveal the inefficiency lurking in your cultural practices, and exactly how much it’s costing you. 

The calculator also shows you how much you can save by making cultural adjustments and building a more efficient culture when it comes to hiring and retaining talent. Depending upon your starting point, savings to your bottom line can be as deep as 50%. Exciting, right?

Let’s see how we can help your business! 



  • Top Leadership – Average Salary – $150,000
  • Mid-Level Management – Average Salary – $100,000
  • Top Workers – Average Salary – $70,000
  • Mid-Level Workers – Average Salary – $45,000
  • Low-Level Workers – Average Salary – $30,000
  • Entry-Level Workers – Average Salary – $20,000

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