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Bill Higgs

Bill Higgs | Culture Code Champion | Thought Leader

“I believe the basic building blocks of a win-win culture can help any organization, no matter what business you’re in, or what the purpose of the organization is, even if it’s not a business.”

It’s this ardent belief that animates Bill Higgs today. Company culture is the engine that drives productivity, profitability, and, ultimately, success for the organization as well as individuals. More than a list of hollow amenities meant to attract talent, when Bill talks culture, he’s talking about an internal brand, about core values, and about optimized, transparent practices that have full buy-in across the entire organization. He’s talking about a revolution.

A distinguished 1974 Graduate (top 5% academically) of West Point, runner up for a Rhodes Scholarship, and an Honor Graduate of the Army Ranger School, Bill’s emphasis on high-performance teaming cultures was borne of his military experience. After Airborne and Atomic Demolitions courses, he commanded a Combat Engineering Company in the 1st Cavalry Division Airmobile. Bill was Honorably Discharged from the Army in 1979 with the rank of Captain.

In 1987, a short eight years after leaving the military, Bill and two partners founded Mustang Engineering, Inc. in Houston, Texas. The company would design and build offshore process platforms. Mustang qualified for two straight years as one of the “Inc. 500 Fastest Growing Companies in America,” and was the top-ranked engineering firm on the list at #42 overall. It was during these years that the seeds of Bill’s win-win cultural ethic began to bloom, shaping the next arc of his career.

Along with one of his co-founders, Bill was dubbed a “King of Culture” by industry publication Upstream. Since exiting Mustang, Bill has taken that moniker and run with it. Now the author of two books, Mustang: The Story and Culture Code Champions: 7 Steps to Scale & Succeed in Your Business, Bill Higgs is setting his sights even higher with his Mustang encore.

Part of an omni-directional strategy to change the way leaders approach company culture, Bill is also the host of the Culture Code Champions podcast where he interviews the world’s top leaders in business and entrepreneurship as well as global thought leaders, distilling their unique perspective and winning advice into actionable strategies for success.

A Stage IV cancer survivor, Bill attributes the care and cutting edge experimental drugs he received at MD Anderson Cancer Center to his winning the battle and making cancer history.

Bill received the Distinguished Eagle (only 2,000 worldwide since inception in 1969) and Silver Beaver awards from the Boy Scouts of America for exceptional service.

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