What Is Your Current Culture Co$ting You?


Culture Code Champions: 7 Steps to Scale & Succeed in Your Business

Far from the average business book, Culture Code Champions gives readers a firsthand and real-life account of how Bill Higgs created a high-performance team culture at Mustang Engineering. It’s a cultural blueprint that helped Bill build Mustang into a multi-billion-dollar enterprise and begs the question of leaders in every industry, “What is your current company culture costing you?”

The conversation around company culture isn’t a new one, but like any major project, Bill Higgs noticed some scope creep; something was getting off track. For years now, “company culture” in modern parlance is an outward-facing practice. It’s become something performative that leaders have to say/do to seem relevant, employees seek as a perk, and clients and investors check off their lists for peace of mind. It’s more style than substance, and leaders are paying a more dire price than they realize.

Based on the principles and common-sense practices that helped build Bill’s company, Mustang Engineering, into a multi-billion dollar success story, Culture Code Champions recounts how Bill and his co-founders achieved a level of success that only six out of every million startups accomplish, then zooms out to prescribe a way forward that can be easily mapped onto any organization at nearly any starting point.

“The company changed the lives of its people, their families, the vendors and clients they served, and the communities where they lived. This resulted from creating an energetic, positive work environment that spirals people’s attitudes upward,” Bill said of the culture he built. It’s far from one-size fits all though, he advises, “As you read this book, think about how you could tweak what we did to match your organization. It has to be authentic and needs to come from the heart, or it will not become a habit and your people will not perpetuate it for your sake or theirs.”

There is value to be found by anyone who picks up Culture Code Champions. Whether you’re the CEO of a global Fortune 500 organization, an HR professional tasked with building a culture, a founder of your own business, an aspiring entrepreneur, or the leader of a scout troop, a church group, and any other organization or community group, this book is for you.

Shortly after it’s release, Culture Code Champions achieved #1 Bestseller on Amazon in the categories of Workplace Behavior, Business Conflict Resolution & Mediation, and Workplace Culture.

Start building your win-win company culture today. Pick up a copy of Culture Code Champions: 7 Steps to Scale & Succeed in Your Business.

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