What is your current company culture costing you?

Culture Code Champions: 7 Steps to Scale & Succeed in Your Business

The best organizations are built around tight-knit, teaming cultures that lift people up and foster continuous improvement. That’s how Mustang Engineering co-founder and former CEO Bill Higgs was able to scale his business into a multibillion-dollar enterprise renowned for its win-win culture. A true culture code champion, Bill is now sharing his secrets.

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Culture Code Champions Podcast

Culture Code Champions

Join the discussion with Bill Higgs about how entrepreneurs can make it big with PEOPLE-ORIENTED BUSINESS SUCCESS. Learn how to create a winning culture in your company or organization to scale and succeed by listening to every episode of this podcast.

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Bill Higgs - Culture Code Champions
Bill Higgs | Culture Code Champion | Author

Creating Win-win Business Cultures

A co-founder of Mustang Engineering Inc., Bill Higgs and his partners were given the industry title of “Kings of Culture” worldwide in recognition of the win-win business culture they were able to create. Since retiring from Mustang, Bill has dedicated himself to sharing the practices and principles that guided the culture at Mustang. He has become an in-demand ForbesSpeaker and is the author of Culture Code Champions. He also hosts the Culture Code Champions podcast which launched in 2019 and achieved iTunes New and Noteworthy status.

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The Book

Culture Code Champions

Culture Code Champions challenges today’s leaders to answer one straightforward question: what is your current culture costing you? For too many leaders, culture simply isn’t part of the equation when it comes to their bottom line. Bill’s comprehensive culture guide flips this paradigm, making it easy to understand how to create a team culture, reduce turnover, increase productivity, bust silos, create better processes, and bring the boom back to a busted bottom line.

Find out what your current culture is costing you
Culture Code Champions
Bill Higgs - ForbesSpeakers Featured Thought Leader


“You can change lives by creating an energetic, positive work environment that spirals people’s attitudes upward.”

Bill Higgs knows what it takes to build a winning culture that lifts people’s spirits and boosts the bottomline. Drawing from his firsthand knowledge, wisdom, and expertise, Bill’s keynotes like, “7 Steps to Scale & Succeed in Your Business” or “What Is Your Current Culture Costing You?” are sure to inspire C-Suite executives to light a spark under stagnant company cultures.

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What is your current culture costing you?

Bill Higgs’ assessment takes company culture from an abstract suggestion to a quantitative practice that has real-world implications for your company’s bottom line. Find out how your company culture rates.

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